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Nationals and travelers from all corners of the globe and the Caribbean recently embarked upon St Lucia to participate in their many activities but most of all its Jazz Festival.In the past days, they have hosted the World Twenty20 World Cup, most notably the cricket game where West Indies played against Australia; the big finale scene of reality show “The Bachelor” held at the open air Celestial Terrace at the Jade Mountain Resort, which I must add has a spectacular view of the Pitons, two volcanoes which are the most famous landmark of St. Lucia; and the Jazz Festival, a premier Caribbean musical and cultural experience which featured artists such as NeYo, Maxi Priest, Jean Luc Monty, Teddyson John, and Laura Izbor  to name a few.

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The Ramblers Tales 2011 Atlanta Show

The Ramblers Tales will be in Metro Atlanta on Saturday, October 15th at the Porter Sanford. Long noted as a boisterous showcase for Caribbean performers, this is the third year in a row that The Ramblers Tales will be at Porter Sanford.

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Prodigal 2010 ATL

The Ramblers Tales show returns to Atlanta at the PSPACC. Last year the show was held at the same location to a packed energetic house. This year, the aim is to re-capture and surpass the energy and intensity of last years show. The show will have an international cast of Stand-Up Comedians, Actors and Performers from the Caribbean, US and UK.

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Canadians Mission to South Africa

Last year 18 Canadians embarked on a cultural trip to South Africa. They wanted to
see, to feel, to get an Earthy taste of things South African. The tour leader and guide
was Ramie of "Integrity Tours" with input from the Toronto based Consul-General of South Africa.
 Being native to that part of the continent, the group had height expectations that their guide
 would know just the right thing to do and places to see.

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