About The Ramblers Tales

Welcome to the home of The Ramblers Tales Show, Caribbean storytelling and International Comedy at its best. The site also feature performers bios, News and other Cultural content such as Fashion and Food. 

  The Ramblers Tales is a standup comedy and variety show whose aim is to make you laugh. Caribbean storytelling and International stand-up comedy is the core of the show. The show takes you into a journey where Extempo-Calypso merges with Stand-up Comedy and have you laughing for days. The ability to use one artform to transition into another while interacting with the audience, has proven to be a hit with the audience. The verbal banter flows within and without the music and while the humor is transitioned seamlessly. The live show is usually focused around story telling and standup Comedy.

This is the ultimate creation; a new experience that is proving to be loaded with laugh appeal. "LOL" humor in the long form is back. Enjoy the site; please come back, check us out on youtube and see you at the live shows. The show represents the best in Atlanta Caribbean Comedy over the last few years and aims to do the same in other cities; You deserve a good laugh that last for days.


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